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Panettone issue

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Panettone issue


Hi guys,

I'm another newbie in the panettone world, I read and tried Jimmy Griffin's book. I followed every single step as indicated but used figs instead of raisings. The result surprised me. The first dough tripled in 12 H (which to me means my lievito madre is good), second dough also tripled and my windowpane test looked good to me on both doughs. After baking and hang them upside down, I cut it in half and sadly didn't see big holes like it should? Please don't get me wrong but it was so soft and moist, so flavorful, way better than what you get in the grocery stores. People told me was the best panettone but deep in my mind I was not happy. I'm attaching some pics too and the recipe.

Reading in other websites, I came with 2 possible explanations, hopefully someone will share his/her wisdom here:

- Lievito madre. Griffin says that the are several ways to store lievito, the easiest, after each refreshement is to put it in a sealed container. That's what I did, twice a day for 2 1/2 months. I can tell after each refreshement, it 2.6x to triple in size. If I try another way, like the binding method or the immersion method, will I get a better looking result? The bubbles/holes I wanna see?

-Gluten development. I have watched several videos on youtube, how the windowpane should look like, to me it was beautiful, but maybe I'm forgetting something in this critical step.

As I said, any suggestions will be appreciated, thank you so much guys! and happy baking =)

PS. I'm also getting Chambelland's book, thanks SueVT!



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A good panettone, with the crumb you seek and other exemplary attributes is the result of good acidity management through expert manipulation of natural fermentation. A skill which only comes with; tuition and years of experience, so don't be too disheartened with your outcome.

Looks good and fluffy, how come it looks like wholemeal? Is there chocolate in there?


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Oh wow, I was not expecting to have a response from the most popular guy on this blog haha. Thank you so much!! You are 1000% right, it takes experience and hours of reading. I guess we all want to have that perfect bread in our first try, I learned it the wrong way, my obsession with baking started 5 years ago with cookies, then cakes, mousses, ice cream, got tons of books to know the theory behind and always there is a lot to learn. Bread is new to me and just to make a lievito madre is SO challenging. I just got Chambelland's book and man, it's amazing what happens inside a lievito, all the symbiotic relationships between bacteria and yeast, pH management, temperature, a lot to learn! I'm not giving up on this one, someday will post more pics =) there is nothing more rewarding than sharing something so elaborated with people you love.

To your questions, it looks like wholemeal since I added dry figs (my fav) no chocolate at all, but actually, it's a great idea figs+chocolate!

Thank you for taking your time and drop a message Michael!
Take care,

Joseph C