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I am having trouble 'slashing'. Rather than cutting the dough my knife 'drags' it ? I have used razor blades and recently a scalpel trying 2 different style blades. I try and slash as quickly and decisively as I can but it just will not 'cut' !? All comments/suggestions will be very gratefully received.

BTW it is a 70% hydration white Dough.

Thanks !

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Sift and go through all the comments, videos and links

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Richard Lemieux

I soak the blade in water before each cut and I keep the cuts shorts. It helps if the dough is not too slack already.

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Much easier on cold dough, after a fridge retardation.

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One often-forgotten tip is to cut with just the far tip of the blade. You want very little surface area of the blade contacting the dough.

Also, see my scoring tutorial which some have found helpful. Scoring Bread: An updated tutorial

Happy baking!


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You will find a good demonstration and explanations (in French, but self explanatory) of how to slash in here:

Happy baking,