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Approaching bakeries for work experience

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Approaching bakeries for work experience

Hi all, I'm at the point where some time (even just a day) in a bakery will really help inform me of whether the dream of baking full time can be a reality or not. I wanted to ask what you all think the best approach should be when asking around for this kind of work placement / work experience?

I know from my current employment how hard it is to accommodate visits from wannabes so would like to do everything I can to make my application seem more acceptable.

 I've been a home baker for around 25 years, I have a current level 2 food hygiene certificate (I'm in the UK..) and can provide my own bakers whites. I'm not looking to get hands on product, I'm more interested in seeing the workflow of a typical day and just asking questions. I'd be happy helping out with cleaning or whatever is needed.

 There aren't that many places I can apply to, so don't want to be dismissed out of hand. What would convince you to allow someone into your business to learn?



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First thing is to be positive, doors won't open unless you can see them. When I first got into baking, back in 2009 I did just as you are looking to do and helped out during the night shift at a bakery. Unless the mood music has changed, I'd be surprised if you weren't welcomed with open arms, more hands on deck is always a good thing!

Myself, I contacted just one bakery, Judges in Hastings. I wrote to them as I was captivated by their commitment to organic production, shortly thereafter I received a reply and within a few days it was all confirmed with details about where to stay at the neighbouring B&B.

It was there I met with Emmanuel Hadjiandreou who has since gone on to become a teacher up in Nottinghamshire. Working that shift with Emmanuel was an enjoyable experience and a good insight into what baking for a living was like.

My advice would be to write an email, clearly, concisely and sincerely in two to three short paragraphs. Find a bakery that you like and describe that in your email and why you want to gain the experience you are looking for. That's it really...

Hope that helps,