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GOST Borodinsky - Borodinskiy Chelb GOST (Russia)

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GOST Borodinsky - Borodinskiy Chelb GOST (Russia)

Today's bake: GOST Borodinsky -  Borodinskiy Chelb GOST (Russia)

Source: The Rye Baker by Stanley Ginsberg

Note: Changed TDW from 1.591kg to 2.784kg, replaced dark molasses for blackstrap molasses due to availability.


Another recipe from The Rye Baker. I've been wanting to make this bread for some time and now that I've gotten a fresh supply of rye berries, sprouted/dried/roasted some rye berries for the red malt, it was time to bake. This is my 1st attempt making this bread  and I am pleased with the results and the taste. This will go definitely go on the 'make again' list.

Changes/Recommendations: None

Tasting Notes

Crumb: Sour/Dairy - Buttermilk

Crust: Toasty - Malty

Grain Character: Complex - Cooked Whole Grains


This bread fermented quite assertively and I had to abandon the pan lid and use foil to cover it during the second segment of the bake. It baked nicely and the crumb was firm and had nice molasses taste and citrus notes of the coriander seeds. What I am enjoying is the mouthwatering tang of the rye sourdough so pronounced in this bread.

This is a really nice medium density bread that would go well with most rich foods. It is excellent with goat cheese.

Recipe and Process are below for those that are interested.







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I think that looks really tasty!

Thank  you for the detailed notes and I will be reading them.

What a nice long pan too!!

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Thanks. It's really tasty.

Here's the pan size for the TDW  used:  15-3/4 x 4 x 4" Bread Pan with Lid.


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Another excellent rye Tony.  I have to say that looks really inviting with that dark rich colour.  Nice complex bake.


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Thanks for the kind words. I'm already looking for another rye bread to bake in the near future. The taste of rye isn't for everyone but for those who do like it, this bread is quite rich.


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I have been making this recipe for a Russian professor visiting in Alaska this summer. He was very happy to find a baker here that was willing to bake it for him. Last time I brought him a loaf he was pairing it with Borscht for a birthday celebration. 

Luckily he has been staying with a Finnish friend that I have been making Hapanleipa for so he brought him to me. Stanley's recipes seem to be fairly spot on as far as regional tastes go but I find the Temps and times to be off. I use an oven thermometer but it took my Borodinsky loaf an extra 40 minutes to reach temp after taking it out of the pan to finish baking. 

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Thanks for the input TundraRose,

I'm now using 2 sizes of black steel pans measuring 1@ 15 3/4 x4x4In/40x10x10CM and 2 @ 7 7/8 x4x4In/20x10x10CM.

The bake times vary based on how many pans I'm using and where I locate them in the stove. Another challenge to be aware of is getting the temperature probe in the middle of the loaves, away from the edges to get a proper reading. In the past I've had the probe closer to the bottom and gotten an inaccurate reading.