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Fresh Loaf Flour Blend

I wanted to say…. Thank you! I ordered and used your flour blend for my last two loaves. The blend was wonderful to work with. Very fresh as it was very easy to work with and made beautiful, tasty bread. My only regret is that I have ordered a grain mill and will be utilizing wheat berries moving forward. I almost don’t want to as I loved ur blend so much! :)

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Those are great looking loaves!

There is no relationship between the flour blend and this site. I honestly didn't know there was such a blend, but perhaps does explain why once or twice a year I get an email like "Dear Sir, I would like to purchase 2 tons of your flour. Can you please tell us how to submit an order?" I always assumed it was a scam, but I guess not.😀's picture

Thank you! You are right…, So sorry! It was “The Perfect Loaf” Blend from Hayden Mills…;) I got the two confused.,,,The flour is wonderful to work with…..

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I'd love to know.'s picture

Hi! Hayden Flour Mills “ the Perfect Loaf blend. My bad.,. :)'s picture

Also…. “Proof Bread” has their personal blend on the site as well and I plan on trying that next!

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3 Olives

I have used the Proof Bread Flour and it really works well. I was going to try the Perfect Loaf flour this weekend but something came up. 
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Thank you! :)