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Cranberry and Poppy Semolina Bread

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Cranberry and Poppy Semolina Bread

Today's bake: Cranberry and Poppy Semolina Bread

Source: Sourdough Recipes for Rustic Fermented Breads Sweets, Savories, and More - Sarah Owens

Note:Increased TDW from 1.411kg to 2.0kg

One loaf is baked in a Challenger bread pan (left) which produced a really crispy crust, another on a baking steel (right) with a steam pan which produces a less crunchy crust.

This is my 1st attempt making this bread and will definitely will be baking it again.

Changes/Recommendations - None

Flours used: Bread Flour (KA), Organic Heirloom Red Fife Wheat-100% Extract, Organic Durum 100% Extract, and a little bit of Organic Rye-100% Extract in the culture.

Tasting Notes

Crumb: Sour/Dairy - Aged Cheese

Crust: Resinous - French Roast Coffee Beans

Grain Character: Complex - Cooked Whole Grains

This bread has a nice creamy color and flavor due to the durum with a bit of tannin coming from the whole wheat. The poppy seeds add a nice crunch to the texture and the cranberries add nice bursts of tart sweetness. 

This is a really nice medium density bread to be enjoyed alone or with accompaniments such as cheeses, butter or jams.

Recipe and Process are below for those that are interested.





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I'm enjoying the tasting notes and pairing recommendations!

Looks nicely fermented and wholesome.

Thanks for sharing.


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Thanks for the kind words and you're welcome.


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Another Girl

What an amazing blend of flavors and textures! Great write-up. Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks and you're welcome


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Handsome bakes Tony.  Did you soak or rehydrate the cranberries in any way?  I love the density of them in your bread.


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Thanks Benny - Nope, no soak or re-hydration, the cranberries absorbed some hydration during fermentation.


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Love this combo of fours and the addition of the cranberry.  I’ve made similar bakes and it’s a great flavor profile.  I like to soak the cranberries in water and use the drained water as part of the final dough.  Not sure if it adds anything versus how you did it but may be with a try.

Happy baking!


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It would probably saturate the dough with cranberry flavor which could be good.