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borodinsky first try - in zojirushi

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borodinsky first try - in zojirushi

This is my first try of a rye bread (95%). It is a little light and spongy, I think, and I probably could lower the amount of flas/clas.

4 elements used in this bake:

1. Mariana's method for making 2-day solod (from spent grains)

2. Solod mash from rusbrot (from frozen)

3. Borodinsky recipe from Beets and Bones

4. Baked in zojirushi bread machine in my own pan.

 2023/3/3  Mariana gives an explanation for the "sag" in the rye bread! Thank-you !!

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With a nice open crumb for that much whole grain.   That's a nice machine that lets you bake in your own pan.

Just out of curiosity, have you ever tried a high whole grain formula using only the bread machine?

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I mix and bake in the Zojirushi almost exclusively now. It is an older model but it does a superb job. 

I have this loaf (100% whole wheat lean) as our daily bread. 

Scroll down midway to see the placement of a small rack in the bread machine to prop your own loaf pan in it.
You wouldn't think temps that fluctuate from 340-400 F would give a great sourdough bake but it does...So counter intuitive.

I have got to work and improve the Bordinsky since the flavors are so good and the texture soft. The keeping quality is really good- I took half a loaf from the freezer and it has been in the refrig for 4 days. Still soft and spongy.