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Pane di Farro

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Pane di Farro

Today's bake: Pane di Farro

Source: Sourdough Recipes for Rustic Fermented Breads Sweets, Savories, and More - Sarah Owens

Note(s): Modified fermenting times, sprinkled bannetons with extracted wheat bran.

This bread is made from a 40% Organic Heirloom Red Fife Wheat-80% Extract, 25.45% of Bread Flour (KA), 23.03% Organic Farro (Emmer)-100% Extract, and 10.91% Organic Rye-100% Extract.

One loaf is baked in a Challenger bread pan which produced a really crispy crust, another on a baking steel with a steam pan which produces a less crunchy crust.

This is my 1st attempt making this bread and will definitely will be baking it again.

Changes/Recommendations - When I make this bread again - work on improving the scoring.

Tasting Notes

Crumb: Sweet/Dairy - Milk - there is a nice combination of flavors due to the 4 types of flour. The flavors I'm getting are nice mix of nuttiness and a little tannin.

Crust: Crust: Resinous - French Roast Coffee Beans

Grain Character: Complex - Cooked Whole Grains.

This is a really nice dense bread which I will be making again.

Recipe and Process are below for those that are interested.



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After seeing so many interesting bakes from it. Looks delicious!

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I enjoy the unusual ingredients she uses and the resulting flavor profiles.



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Tony that is a wonderful open crumb considering the mostly whole grain nature of it.  Whole red fife can be a challenge with long ferments as it seems to have a lot of protease that will start to bread down the gluten.  Really great bake.


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I'll have to adjust the BF duration next time.