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Baking Records

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Baking Records

I try and keep a record of every bread I bake so I can refer back to it later for analysis or repeat bakes. Spreadsheets are fine for formulae, but nothing beats a handwritten record for speed and whatever degree of verbosity you want. 

So I use an A4 spiral bound, lined page book to keep a record. On the other hand, there are disadvantages: hard to search, no easy way to add pictures, no links to external sources.

So recently I've been having a dabble with OneNote - Microsoft's very versatile notes app, available free for most platforms.

I can create a master record in it and link to a handwritten record by date. Also it's easy to add in photos, links to web pages eg for an original recipe, spreadsheets for a recipe calculator and so on.

Worth a look, if this is your thing.



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Jan Walinck

I still a newbie and have been writing things down. This might be the perfect time to set this up for myself.