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Found the CB page on ciabatta over the weekend, thought the Biga recipe from mwilson looked interesting. In the past my ciabatta was all over the place, the flour I was baking with was inconsistent. Slightly adapted, wanted to see how much water the flour could take, could have probably pushed it slightly more, but this is one of the better ciabatta I have made, definitely the softest. Ended with a very strong dough if I understand correctly this if from the large portion of Biga. 

Could have probably proofed it for an extra hour, but was getting late.

Ciabatta #1

Biga (12h)

  • 600g Flour 
  • 250g Water
  • 60g LM


  • 200g Flour
  • 35g Oil
  • 18g Salt
  • 500g Water

Mixed and folded 3 times over 3 hours. Cut into rectangles and proofed on linen for 1,5h on a cold counter. Will change this next time, slowed things down as I could feel dough got cold. 


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A very archetypal looking ciabatta!

I'm glad you got a good result with the recipe!



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Great recipe / method going to be trying it on other things this week.

Will update with results.  

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I like the crackly top a lot!