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Caputo GF Flour

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Caputo GF Flour

I’m hadn’t seen this posted here, so I apologize if this is a repeat. I’ve been using this Caputo GF Flour for several years now. I think it makes the best GF pizza I’ve tried. It is simple to use (do follow their YouTube instructions as the dough is very sticky). The flour also makes a good focaccia which is basically the same recipe at higher hydration baked on a sheet pan. The focaccia also makes great garlic bread, croutons, or dried shreds for strata that hold up very well. My favorite thing with this dough, however, is rolling it out to cut and make sopapillas, which when fried puff up into hollow pillows, hence the name. Those are good stuffed or on their own with some honey and a plate of good chilie sauce to sop up. Probably more uses out there too.

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Have you tried King Arthur '00' Gluten Free Pizza Flour?  We were Fioreglut converts until we recently tried KAF GF 00, and we won't go back.  It's hands down the best commercial blend we've ever used.  We've made thin crust pizza, Detroit pizza (superb), and even "hamburger rolls" which were fantastic.

Now we have a few extra bags of Fioreglut sitting around, so we're going to try experimenting with it as an ingredient in other things, rather than a stand-alone blend.