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FS: Mobile Wood-Fired Oven by Jeremiah Church & Boreal Heat

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FS: Mobile Wood-Fired Oven by Jeremiah Church & Boreal Heat

For sale is our beautiful wood-fired oven, built by Jeremiah Church (Boreal Heat, oven) and Ben Erdmann (custom trailer). The oven is located in Leavenworth, Washington (stored inside). We are asking $16,000 OBO. Below are the details, please get in touch at if you're interested! We'd love for this oven to be put back to good use!

  • Photos (Google)
  • Dimensions:
    • 72" x 54" exterior
    • 56" deep x 36" wide hearth (14 square feet)
    • Short and tall chimneys
  • Baking:
    • Typical bake: 60-80 kg (9-10 kg bagels, 30-40 kg hearth loaves, 10-20 kg pan loaves)
    • About 14-17 hearth loaves (850-900 g batards), or about 15 kg per load
    • Typically fired for 5-7 hours on day 1 with ~50# of wood, closed, and baked with retained heat 12-16 hours later. 
  • Custom-built Trailer (2020): 
    • 2" hitch
    • 3,180 pounds
    • 13.5' long, 6' 2.5" wide at widest point (wheels)
    • ~14 square feet of storage space in front of oven
    • Timbren Silent Ride suspension (single axle)
    • 4x3500 pound jack stands (oven can be adjusted to desirable height)
    • Curt Echo trailer brakes