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Looking for Commercial Bakery Consultant

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Looking for Commercial Bakery Consultant


I'm very new here - so i hope it's okay to post this. 

I have 'inherited' an amazing sourdough bakery & viennoiserie business. It was previously doing quite well, and has great product quality - but probably what i'd describe as 'ad hoc' production planning, resulting in low stocks. 

I'm working on a few things; improving ingredients, understanding capacity & the team operations, towards stabilising the business. To help with this, i'm looking for a consultant (to support online) to help with professional advice. 

Any ideas or suggestions very welcome! 

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Where are you located, generally?  Country/region?  

Read here:

I have no affiliation, this came from a 30 second Google search. 

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That's a great link - thank you!

Based in the Middle East. 

Most of the bakery people here are either hotel employees running resort production, or in very commercial scale facilities. 

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Hi Kathysbuns there are 2 bakers i know that are TFL bakers  1 is currently working in Saudi Arabia and has worked in Dubai where i met him and also worked in Lebanon so is familiar with middle Eastern  baking conditions etc  His TFL name is Mebake  and his name is Khalid Mahmassani

 The  other is ZITA in Cambodia and has been baking in Siem Reap for a while now here is a link to an old post of his you should be able to message him through TFL 

Both these guys have come from being rnthusiasts to bakery owners and would be  worth contacting for the benefit of their knowledge and possible assistance kind regards Derek