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Ninja foodie oven to bake bread?

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Ninja foodie oven to bake bread?

Hi everyone,

I am new here and came across this link on a pizza site. I'm not that great at making breads and stuff but I try. My big problem is that I don't have an oven to use. I bought this little tiny fixer upper house and there is actually an oven but it's such a mess I haven't even turned it on and I won't. I might end up cleaning the top part of it to see if the burners on the top work but I won't even use the inside of the oven. Eventually I'll buy a new one but can't afford one now so I have a ninja xl foodi oven that I've been using. 

I haven't really cooked big meals in there because it just hasn't done well with it. I have tried focaccia bread but it just never really cooked right, it could have been the recipe but I don't think it was, I think it's the little oven. I also tried Irish soda bread and even though it looked great on the outside, the inside just never came out so great. So I just wanted to see if somebody on here uses a ninja foodie oven and any alterations they use to make breads in it or if it's even possible to make decent bread using it. It can only go up to 450 degrees.

I would appreciate any advice or tips somebody might have that I could try as I said a new oven isn't in the future for right now so this is all I have to use. Thanks so much and I'm still going to try some bread recipes on here and hope for the best! Take care everyone!

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In our area the Habitat ReStore has them for good prices. 

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I have a friend that has a similar oven and successfully bakes bread in it all the time. Use a dutch oven or lodge combo cooker setup and you'll be fine. Assuming it can fit in yours and the oven doesn't have an underlying problem. Maybe buy an oven thermometer and make sure it's getting up to temp property. The rest will be trial and error. Let it heat up the dutch oven / combo cooker for 30 minutes before you put your bread in it. Good luck.