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Sourdough/Breadmaking Journey begins

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Sourdough/Breadmaking Journey begins

Got a sourdough starter up and living about 3 weeks ago. That had some challenges. The biggest being when my wife didn't realize it was happy inside the oven and she turned the oven to 400 deg. Needless to say my new little starter and the plastic container it was living in did not fair well.

Tried baking my first loaf using a 85% hydration dough. That was a little too much to handle for a 1st try. Took a step back and went with a 72% hydration dough, Maurizio's beginner sourdough. I cooked this in a clay cloche. I think it turned out pretty well.


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Another Girl

Great first bake! I hope you feel great about that, because you should 😀

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thanks. I am really happy with it. Lots of reading on TFL helped make it a success.

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Way better ear than I usually get!

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My first loaves looked NOTHING like that. Well done!

LOL, I stopped using the oven as a warmer for exactly the same scenario. I fared a little better as it was in a glass jar with a metal lid. Still dead. I now use the microwave with the door open (incandescent light bulb on). A minor inconvenience if someone wants to use the microwave but no fatalities involved. 

Also, do not use the top of the stove as a warmer! I put my kefir culture on top of my daughter's stove and she turned the oven on to make a pizza so 450F. Turns out her stove had 2 vents on top (right where I put my kefir jar) and cooked my poor kefir. I was glad I had additional grains in the refrigerator. 

Have delicious fun!


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  1. My oven also vents behind the back burners. I have found that out the hard way. Not by leaving starter but by picking up a grill pan. Only done it once.
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Beautiful loaf!  I will bet it was delicious.

I admit I did laugh while reading about the baked starter and plastic container though. 

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Wow, that is an incredible first bake here, well done.  I also practiced a lot with Maurizio’s beginner sourdough so am really familiar with it.  Welcome to TFL. I hope you continue to post your bakes!


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With such a lovely crumb too. Well done to you. Looking forward to your future bakes.

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Thanks to everyone for the kind words. Hopefully it was not 100% beginners luck and future bakes turn out the same way. I look forward to getting inspiration and learning from everyone on TFL