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Shaping Struggles

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Shaping Struggles

I find sometimes I'm losing a lot of bubbles through shaping. Most recently I also didnt add enough oil to my BF container and a lot of dough stuck to it. Obviously the solution would be to get better at shaping lol but in the case this does happening again, my question is, can I recover this by leaving it to sit in the banneton longer? Probably puts me at risk of overfermenting but waying up risk and reward haha.

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I never use oil, I don't even transfer dough from the mixing bowl any longer, and it all seems to work out fine.  As for longer proof, it will work, but you may want to cut equal amount of time from bulk fermentation.

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Depending on the type, strength of the dough, as well as its age, yes it can absolutely can recover. 

Instead of oil, I often use water for shaping, and a wet or oiled scraper works wonders for removing from your bulk ferment containers. 

It's interesting to me how rough certain dough types are handled, and still result in an airy, open-textured approach. 

Compare Hamelman's shaping technique:\

to Chad Robertson's:

Both manage to shape open-crumbed breads.