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Sprouted Whole wheat

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Sprouted Whole wheat

I've been baking with sprouted Whole Wheat and sprouted Rye from Lindley Mills for the last month or so and thought I'd share my thoughts.

I've made several loaves from "Bread Revolution"

The crumb of the whole wheat flour is soft, almost cakelike. Most likely from the weak gluten formation. I've found that working with it is a lot like working with Rye. The dough is sticky and benefits from acidification.

The crumb of the rye is actually less chewy too, which is something of a surprise. In bread that uses less than 50% rye, I have been able to replace oz for oz with my regular fresh ground rye flour. I haven't really noticed much difference in flavor, so much as texture.

I can't say I'm a big fan of sprouted whole wheat bread. A lot of the flavors are just too mellowed out for my taste. That said, I do like it (actually prefer it) in chemically leavened bread like muffins, banana bread, cookies etc...

While the health benefits and time savings of Sprouted flours are appealing, I don't think I'll be ordering another bag of the Rye (I like the flavor of my fresh ground rye better) but I might order/make a small bag of sprouted whole wheat for quickbreads.

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Our local Sprouts used to have sprouted spelt flour. I really enjoyed the taste, and the dough was not as weak as some spelt I have used. They were out the last time I looked for it, but perhaps it is back in stock.