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Whole grain sub for oatmeal?

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Whole grain sub for oatmeal?

Question #1 Can I substitute an equal weight of oat flour for rolled oats? I want to make this bread, but the kids don't like oat flakes in their bread (my sensory picky one in particular).

It's the KA Vermont Whole wheat Oatmeal Loaf

It uses 89g of rolled oats. Can I use 89g of oat flour instead?


And Question #2

Can I bake this bread as a sandwich loaf? Or do you think it might not come out as well as a whole. I'm tired and probably over thinking this. I got my boiled apple cider on Saturday so I'm itchin' to use it. I also got some maple sugar as well, which I plan on using in the bread above (#1).

KA Apple Cider Oatmeal Bread

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Q1: Yes

Q2: I don't see why not.  It looks like there would be enough dough for two 8x4 pans.


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Thanks Paul. I tend to just experiment, but bread is a lot different than a muffin or a cookie (which is what I usually bake).