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Help, is this Under proofed? Sourdough

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Help, is this Under proofed? Sourdough

Hi there, my name is abe.

I've been baking sourdough for a couple of week and i always endup with gummy and wet crumbs.

Is this underproofed.

My 4th bread

Autolys for 40min

Salt and rest of water.

4 s&f every 30min 

Bulk fermentation 4hrs. (28-30°c) my room temp

And 2hrs final proof

230°C 20min with steam, 20min without steam

75% hydration

90% bread flor

10% WW

20% Starter. My starter is active


I've been being a silent reader in this forum, and already searched here and i posted this because i want to know from the experienced baker in this forum, is my bread underproofed or undercooked, 

Thank you

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In a wheat bread would indicate under cooked. You can test this with a needle point quick thermometer (if you have one) or just leave in in the oven for an additional 10 minutes and see if it gets better/goes away. 

‘You might also not be waiting long enough for the bread to cool (the bread continues to cook while cooling) before cutting into it?

In rye breads it’s a different story there are other things that can contribute to a gummy crumb with rye.


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Thank you for the replay, i currently ordered instant read thermometer. I will try it nex time i bake. Perhaps i will strengthen my starter first