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Vegan wan ton wrapper dough too soft/pliable

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Vegan wan ton wrapper dough too soft/pliable

I have been trying to make my own vegan wanton wrapper dough but it keeps coming out too soft and pliable. I’m trying to copy the Nasoya Vegan Won Ton Wraps.

I combine 300 grams of all purpose flour, ¼ tsp salt, and 160 grams of room temperature water. Gather into a shaggy dough ball, cover with shrink wrap loosely and let it stand for 30 mins. Then I knead the dough until smooth then let it sit for another 30 mins. After the second rest I roll it out with a rolling pin. However the dough gets way too soft and pliable. Any advice? Am I kneading the dough too long? How can I get the dough to be stiffer and more similar to the ones you buy from the grocery store?

Any thoughts/insight/feedback is much appreciated!

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Nasoya's list of ingredients mentions gluten and vinegar as well. Starch is used to prevent stickiness when rolling out and stacking wraps.


I would say simply use less water in your dough, use ice cold water. Use more salt (6g vs 1.5g that you add now), salt tightens gluten. And, if you have it, add 2 g of gluten flour to you 300g of apf and 1/2 tsp of vinegar.

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Yes, I agree with Mariana.

YT videos on making chewy elastic noodles (for Chinese noodle) use 40% water (no egg).  Also you can hand knead this right away but spend at least 15 min to get a very elastic dough -the lower hydration makes it a somewhat dry dough. The YT video shows the steps (she hand rolls the dough but a pasta machine is easier):


If you make 100% whole wheat try getting a tighter dough and noodle by using a dough conditioner, clas. The water is about 50%.

I hope this helps.


PS Same topic but all done with Kitchen Aid

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Noodles, wonton, pierogies, ravioli, spaghetti, or just about any pasta, are all very similar - almost interchangeable.

I've made wonton (never used eggs), pierogies (eggs and sour cream) and many different types of pasta (eggs). I've even made Raman (lye boiled noodles).

I make all of them on a KA mixer with the pasta attachment (makes rolling out the dough sooooooo much easier).

Once the dough comes together, I don't knead it - I wrap it in plastic wrap and leave it covered in a warm place for an hour or so. Once it is unwrapped, it's very easy to roll out. If it is too soft and pliable, just add more flour as you are rolling it out. As described in the video, another poster linked for you, it is very easy to think you need to add more liquid when you are bringing the dough together; avoid the temptation to add more liquid until after it has had a chance to hydrate fully.