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Pumpkin recipes

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Pumpkin recipes

Hi, I'm looking for some recommendations for recipes/ideas for pumpkin desserts or savory dishes. I have 3 pumpkins, and I want to use them before they go bad.

Any recommendations are appreciated. :)

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It was very good. You might just want to try a search...

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Debra Wink

Liberty Hill Farm's Pumpkin Crescents

And the leftover rolls can be turned into a fine bread pudding :)

P.S.  I saw this yesterday. It looked good, although I have not made it. Pumpkin for butternut is an easy substitution.

Brown Butter and Sage Butternut Squash Bake

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And it was delicious, even though I usually prefer sourdough breads:

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I make a pumpkin cinnamon roll using pumpkin puree flavored with sugar and cinnamon smeared over brioche dough. Roll and slice into cinnamon buns,bake,frost,enjoy! Delicious and moist. No real recipe except the link below for brioche based on Floyd's "Lazy Mans Brioche". Otherwise use any brioche dough or even a tube of crescent rolls. Cook and puree the pumpkin, add sugar and spice to taste. 

HERE is the link for my 1st post about making pumpkin brioche. 

ANOTHER LINK FOR PUMPKIN-PECAN Biscotti and Candied Pumpkin 

Now you did it. I looked in my recipe file-how could I forget these 2 recipes. EXCELLENT!



Bake 350F 10-20 min depending on size. Can have a few crumbs if toothpick tested.


6 jumbo muffins (3/4 c batter each)  Plus 5 regular sized muffins (1/4-1/3 c each)


Dry ingredients:

¼ c cocoa powder

2 ½  c flour (344g)

1 ¾ c sugar (381g)

1 1/2 tsp salt  (11g)

1 1/2 tsp baking powder (6g)

1 tsp baking soda (5g)



Wet ingredients:

16 oz can pureed pumpkin (NOT pumpkin pie mix) (400g)

2 eggs (large-beaten)

¾ c oil

3 oz melted unsweetened baking chocolate (I melt it in a little of the oil)

1 tsp vanilla

2 packets instant coffee granules-dissolve both in a teaspoon of warm water (1 packet makes 1 cup coffee)



1 c chocolate morsels


Mix all dry ingredients and then wet into the dry.

Stir just until mixed.


Spoon into muffin pan (oiled or paper lined)

Bake until done (10-20 minutes-depends on size of muffins)



6 jumbo muffins (3/4 c batter each)


5 regular sized muffins (1/4-1/3 c each)



Very rich and chocolate-y.

Pumpkin adds a denseness and moisture- try less (half) OR

reduce oil to ½ c


Batter is pretty thick.



Makes 30 regular sized muffins     350F 20-30 min



2 c flour

1 tsp BP

1 tsp BS

1 tsp salt

1 tbsp ground ginger

2 tsp cinnamon

¼ tsp ground cloves

1 tbsp fresh grated ginger (if available-really punches up the flavor)

2/3 c dark brown sugar-make sure it is not lumpy


Mix dry ingredients together



16 oz canned pureed pumpkin (should be fairly thick)

2/3 c molasses

¼ c melted butter

¼ c oil

1 egg beaten



Heat the pumpkin in microwave to about 110F (should feel quite warm but not hot to skin). This helps release the aromatic’s flavors (cinnamon,ginger,etc) and dissolve the brown sugar.

Melt butter & oil in a 2 cup glass measuring cup then pour into the pumpkin

Measure 2/3 c molasses into oily 2 cup measuring cup (it is easier to get out of an oiled container) and then pour into pumpkin & butter/oil.

Stir well

Add all to dry ingredients

Add egg to dry ingredients and mix all until all flour moistened.

Distribute into oiled/papered muffin tins and bake 20 min at 350F



Very dense-try half amount pumpkin next time and possibly eliminate oil or butter (but not both). Butter flavor helps mellow the ginger.

 Pureed pumpkin made from carving pumpkins is usually more watery than commercially canned pumpkin. Work with the high water content or condense it a bit with a simmer on the stovetop or in the microwave.


 Pumpkin pie custard cups or casserole (no pie crust), pumpkin bread pudding, add pureed pumpkin to any bread recipe as the water, great brownies. How about savory? Pumpkin curry soup? Pumpkin spaghetti sauce? Pumpkin chili? Pumpkin ketchup? Pumpkin salad dressing? 

Endless possibilities. The hardest part for me is always choosing.  

Just enter "pumpkin"  into the search box and start drooling over the list. LOTS of entries.

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Mini Oven

Cut raw into thin strips and layer along with béchamel, ready no cook noodles and (meat) tomato sauce. (Use like zucchini.)