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Nero 400 Oven w/ Steam Trays for sale (LA)

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Nero 400 Oven w/ Steam Trays for sale (LA)

G'day all!

I am selling a brand new Nero 400 oven (like the Rofco b40 in all but name) that I bought but totally disregarded since I have a 110V house, and this requires 220V. It's new and has just been sitting covered ever since I bought it. It comes with three steam trays that are also still in their original packaging attached to the oven container itself.

I was hoping to get $3000 for it. It is way less than what I paid including tax and shipping.

For pickup, I am located in the LA County within the city of Compton. I can help you lift the oven up if so needed just let me know.

If interested please email and reply at


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Have an electrician put a 220V outlet in.  

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Hi, wondering if this has sold already? 

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Hello! If this oven is still available, I am very interested! 
my email is