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Reinhart's SF SD issues with scoring after retarding

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Reinhart's SF SD issues with scoring after retarding

Hi everyone.


I'm new to this forum and generally to artisan baking.


I've studied Reinhart's BBA book and a couple of others, and I really like Reinhart's recipe for SF SD, but I'm hesitant to let the dough rise for another 4-6 hours after retarding it overnight (after BF is done) for various causes for this: 

1. I don't usually have time to bake in the afternoon

2. I have major scoring issues if I score an ambient-temperature loaf and don't get a nice ear.


Can anyone please tell me if I can start baking right away after taking the dough out of the fridge without having to wait for it to rise first? Can maybe extending the BF time help me avoid this long wait the next day? 


P.S: according to Reinhart, I'm supposed to create a firm starter on day 1, BF and shape the dough on day 2, and bake on day 3 (after taking the dough out of the fridge and letting it rise to about 1.5 times (4-6 hrs). Then score it and only them to put it in the oven.


Thank you!

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I’m sure Reinhart chose this procedure for a reason, but I agree that scoring a high hydration loaf at room temperature sounds like a nightmare. When I bake hearth loaves, I almost always do it the way you describe: bulk, then shape, then into fridge overnight or more, freezer for 30 minutes to firm up the dough even more, then bake. 

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I almost never bake my bread the same day I make the dough. I don't do it for the scoring, but that is certainly one of a dozen reasons why it's a good idea.