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One of my other hobbies

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Huh What

One of my other hobbies

My adult daughter is visiting from out of state tonight, so I'm currently baking a batch of foccacia. However, tomorrow or the next day I have to work on one of my other hobbies and smoke a batch of bacon that has been curing for about ten days at this point.


Past batches...


Spiced coffee bacon and cayenne bacon headed for the smoker


Spiced coffee bacon, post-smoke


Pepper-Rum bacon, post-smoke


Green Chili bacon headed for the pan

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with bacon.


BTW, Have you ever made a "Bacon Explosion" ?

This is one of the early ones, maybe the original:

I think I learned about it on this channel:

Warning: that channel is childish, immature, and crude.  But they did have some "epic" recipes back in the day. And it has diminished from its former entertainment value.

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Looks great!  What temperature do you take the meat out of the smoker? 

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Oh wow that looks incredible! I can even taste the smell through the screen!

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Coffee bacon is criminally underrated! Glad to see another enjoyer :D