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Sandwich Bread

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Sandwich Bread


I find that most sandwich bread recipes include, butter or oil.  I would like to find a good basic recipe for sandwich bread that does not include butter or oil.  I need to  bake a lot of sandwich bread and I am looking to minimize ingredients.  Any suggestions?


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While there are a hundred alternatives that others might suggest, Take a look at this post.  The formula is not designed for a pullman sandwich loaf, rather for a French baguette.  It Is the simplest formula and preparation of any bread you are likely to run across.

The basic formula for a 1000 gram loaf is:

White flour                       100%   565g
Water                                75%    360g
     Water 2nd bassinage.               63g
Salt                                     2%      11.3g
Inst. Dried Yeast                 0.16%  0.9g

  • Mix IDY into water, then flour. 1st speed.  Autolyse 30 min. 
  • Add salt.  Add bassinage a portion at a time.  1st speed.
    Rest 5 minutes.
    Mix 2nd or 3rd speed perhaps 5 minutes until windowpane.
  • Into lightly oiled covered container.  Letter Folds at 20, 40 & 60 min.  Retard for a total time of ~20 hrs.
    Remove from retard, shape and roll dough for pullman pan.
    Continue with instructions in the post that is linked.

Good luck selecting a simple formula with success. Post back what you try and what you finally decide.  There are a lot of people on TFL who would enjoy your experience and what you find to be the right choice for you.


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Thank you for your suggestion.  I am trying out a number of methods/recipes.  I will post my results.