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Flour cleanup

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Flour cleanup

I'm new to bread baking, but am enjoying it greatly.

One question I have is about cleanup, which seems to be a common annoyance.

I've seen loads of stern warnings about putting flour down the drain, so I'm wondering how far this extends. Let's say I have a bowl with some dried bits of flour in it. Can I put water in the bowl, suspend the flour, and pour it down the sink, or put it in the dishwasher?

What are the limits of this before I plug up my drain?

Thanks for any advice.

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There can’t possibly be a generic answer because drains and flushing conditions could vary. In general… unless it’s jus a bit of dust, say less than a tablespoon, either compost it or put it in the bin. Plumbers cost more than the “convenience “ of flushing it down the drain is worth.