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micro bakery-not in the home

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micro bakery-not in the home


Right now, I'm currently running a cottage bakery from my home. I work in a 240sqft garage, that houses double door fridge and freezers, a dough sheeter, speed racks, ovens etc. I'm ready to separate work and home and have been looking for a space to move into. With the way of the world right now, I don't want anything TOO large because I will have to staff it with a lot of people.  I may have found a spot that is 850sqft. Do you think that size is doable to scale up the operation? I want to do an open kitchen and have the space be mostly kitchen, just to maximize production and storage, with a tiny retail spot. 


Do you think it would be worth it only to upgrade just 610sqft? or should I wait for something that is maybe 1200 sqft? do I need to have a place for people to lean or sit or do you feel most people like to take their stuff to go? There is enough sidewalk I could put a bench or 2 outside. 


Thank you in advanced!

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I guess it depends on what you're looking for. Congratulations though.

Where is your home if you don't mind, as in, the city, countryside, suburbia? I just preordered a Rofco B40 but I'm in the suburbs. I'm racking my brain trying to figure out the logistics of a micro-bakery operated from the suburbs, I cannot imagine anything more poorly designed and hostile to the bootstrapped pursuits of an individual than the suburbs. Even with the B40 I can't do any real deal baking, supplying restaurants and such, I imagine it'll all be direct to customer but I have until May for it to ship, so plenty of time to mull it over.

There's no denying that if you want to sell more, having a place for people to sit and eat, offering small items alongside some coffee and espresso, will increase sales. But if you are already struggling to fulfill orders or want to fulfill larger orders for restaurants, grocery stores, farmers markets, etc. having a larger space would be useful.