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clas 100% lean ww dough as cornsticks

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clas 100% lean ww dough as cornsticks

Hi All,

This is my quick clas (Concentrated Lactic Acid Sourdough) bake today in the Cuisineart toaster oven (475F 10 min preheat; for bake- lowered to 450F for 10 min and then 375 for final 10 min)  with the Lodge 7 corn stick cast iron mold (it fits if placed in diagonally).

I used 100 gr frozen wheat clas, thawed it and made up a lean 100% ww bread dough.

As recommended, 15% of the total wheat flour came from the wheat clas. So in 100gr of clas, 40% or 40 gr counts towards total wheat flour. The overall hydration was 80% (60 gr of the water was contributed from clas).

For this mold, the total flour used was 267gr ww flour (40gr contributed by clas, 227 g freshly milled) . There was 20 min of mixing (1st 10 min to develop the dough without salt, and the last 10 min with salt and a bit of water- I found that was an improvement). The dough was portioned into about  70 gr shaped pieces  for the 7 sticks of the mold. (126 cal per bun, very suitable for hot dogs too)

I really like clas because the whole wheat lean bread is so soft and chewy. Today no gumminess at all :) . 

I still work at developping the gluten correctly and stopping the bulk fermentation and final proof at the right time, but it is such a fast process now that the clas can come out of the freezer! 




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I really like the wheat sticks! Great idea!

I haven't made any CLAS. I know it has some advantages but my rye culture is very forgiving and I don't have to haul out any equipment (temperature-controlled heating) to prepare, maintain, and use it.