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Mooncake Recipe - Peony Bing Pi (Snow Skin) Mooncake (牡丹冰皮月餅)

Mooncake Recipe - Peony Bing Pi (Snow Skin) Mooncake (牡丹冰皮月餅)

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Mid-Autumn Festival is around the corner!

Here is the recipe for you to make Peony Mooncake and celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival this year. This type of mooncake is called Bing Pi Yue Bing (冰皮月餅) in Chinese. The texture is like mochi and it has less fat than most of the mooncakes. Enjoy this mooncake with your family and friends to celebrate a warm and sweet Mid-Autumn Festival.


Prep time
Cooking time1 hour
Total time1 hour


100 g
Tommy’s Pin Pe Premix ((or any Bing Pi mooncake premix you can get) )
60 g
8 g
160 g
White Bean Paste
1 1⁄2 g
Beetroot Powder
Natural Yellow Food Coloring
90 g
Passion Fruit Yuzu Fillings ((or any mooncake filling you chose))
Cooked Cornstarch (for dusting)


1.  First, reduce the moisture of white bean paste. Use microwave to heat the white bean paste for 6 seconds, repeat for 10-12 times, until the white bean paste is slightly drier.

2.   Mix Pin Pe Premix and water in a mixing bowl until smooth. Add shortening and knead until well combined.

3.   Add the white bean paste from Step 1 to the Pin Pe dough and knead until smooth.

4.   Take 225g of the dough from Step 3 to mix with beetroot powder (you can moisten the beetroot powder with several drops of water). To make petals, place the red dough in a plastic bag and flatten it into 0.1cm thick.

5.   Divide the passion fruit yuzu filling into 10g per piece, which is about 9 pieces in total. Shape the fillings into small balls.

6.   Take a round cutter (2cm in diameter) to cut the flattened red dough. Use you finger or any tools to press the edges of the petals to make the edges thinner. Then, use your finger to press the center of the petals to make the petals curl up. 7 petals for inner layer, the outer layer will have 2 more petals.

7.  Assemble the Peony. For the inner layer, stick the edge of one petal to the center line of another one. The final petal will be inserted under the first petal.

8.  For the outer layer, bush the edges of the petals with some water, use the similar technique to assemble the outer layer. Curl the edges of the petals to make it more vivid.

9.  To make stamens, take 30g of the remained plain Pin Pe dough, add a little natural yellow food coloring and knead until well combined.

10. Take a little piece of yellow dough and press through a strainer to form small strings.

11. Use a toothpick to place the stamens on the center of the flowers.



1.  To prevent the dough from drying out, cover the Pin Pe dough with plastic bag when not using it.

2.  In Step 6, press the edges of the petals can make the flower curl up to a nice shape.