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How do you enjoy your homemade bread?

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How do you enjoy your homemade bread?

So this is going to seem like a silly topic, but I'm lacking inspiration on different ways I can eat my beautiful high hydration whole wheat loaf.

I usually just end up having it with butter, toasted with peanut butter, or toasted with a poached egg. I just need some inspiration!

What is your favourite way to enjoy your bread?

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Plain ;)

Toasted cheese sandwich

With dinner, esp to mop up the last bit on my plate

Dipping in alioli (the Catalan version, just garlic and olive oil)

Not something I normally do, but bruschetta would be great

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Mini Oven

Toasted with Mayo, bacon, lettuce, and slices of tomato,  in that order. Mopping up green pumpkin oil with a sprinkle of salt.  A slice under a steak fresh off the grill.  A smear of butter and a thin smear of good mustard. Toasted with butter an cinnamon sugar. Soaked in milk and egg for french toast or bread pudding.  Open faced sandwiches, cottage cheese layer dusted with paprika or chive ringlets or mix of garden herbs.  Laid in hot french onion soup, topped with cheese and melted in the broiler.  Cut up in portions and a variety served with assorted cold cuts, cheeses, pickles, deviled eggs and cocktail tomatoes.  Croutons --  Fried in butter or oil with sunflour & squash seeds, nuts, to top squash soup or salads.  Toast, butter and homemade berry or apricot jam.  Garlic butter melted into it.  Often just plain with a cup of coffee or tea.  Walnut rye with butter and blue cheese topped with English walnut. To name a few ways.

Buttered and wrapped around a hot frankfurter!  Ever have a mayo sandwich?

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Sardines and grainy mustard, or a high quality jam like Mymoune (recommended by a family member and probably the best jam I have had). I find that most grocery store jams are too sweet and one-note to work with a flavorful bread.

Some people like to add thinly sliced radishes to their buttered bread, which always looks good.

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This is a question that has been on my mind as well.

For me, the answer is that the majority of the bread that I make is typical sandwich bread loaves. Most of the time, I make them in a Zojirushi dual-paddle bread machine. It is not the best bread that I make, but it takes very little time and effort and it is reliable and consistent. The process is "down to a science." In my humble opinion, the resulting loaves taste better than store bought bread, and cost far less. 

Sourdough disappears the fastest by far, but I am told that the "Jewish deli" rye bread is the overall favorite. The family has asked (yeah, begged) me to stop working on the rye recipe and leave it alone. The sandwich bread is eaten as ordinary bread/meat/cheese sandwiches, toasted cheese sandwiches, and for breakfast as toasted slices with soft margarine spread or jam. Others in the family eat most of the bread that I make. There are so many other wonderful foods to taste, not just bread, and I have only so much room in my tummy. :-(

I struggle with figuring out what to do with the artisan bread that I like to make, the breads that do not come from the bread machine - baguettes, boules, ciabattas, etc. Everyone loves them, but nobody can figure out how they fit into our typical meals. They don't last long before going stale. Sometimes I give them to neighbors. The neighbors have not objected. I love ciabatta, but the others in the family do not. I want to give the excess ciabatta to the neighbors so I can make it for myself from time to time. My partner does not think ciabatta loaves look pretty enough to give them to our neighbors.

True, these are all "first world problems", but you asked.

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Personally, I'd love for my neighbors to drop off some ciabatta!

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Dave Cee

Sourdough or yeast breads, sliced a bit on the thick side makes the most delicious French toast. I have only ever used white sourdough, either a hearth loaf or sandwich loaf, but whole wheat sounds good, too. Best wishes. Dave


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Ciabatta is the best sandwich bread, either canned fish in olive oil or rare roast beef with mayo and salt.

I make several different rye loaves of bread so that It would depend on the version. Some I eat with bean soup, others with cream cheese, and others just slice the bread and eat it plain.

My wife loves the bread I make with fermented red rye. She will eat any bread with homemade black currant jelly; then again, she will use the same bread for a savory sandwich.

I make several loaves of bread with walnuts and dried fruit that I eat for breakfast with either tea or coffee.

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The last sandwich of the loaf is always the best…. Gotta love the heels!

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Mini Oven

please.  I'd like to see the crisps arranged into a big SMILE. Eyes you have already.  :)

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LoL!  I can make that happen!  😉

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Making scratch bread at home from high quality, organic ingredients (whole grain, nothing artificial) is certainly healthier than eating off-the-shelf bread from a local megamart. A simple check of ingredients bears out this conclusion.