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Blueberry cinnamon buns

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Blueberry cinnamon buns

I made these delicious blueberry cinnamon buns this week using this recipe from Kroll's Korner, here.

They were so fun to make! Turned out really nice and my house smelled amazing. The only thing I think I would change is perhaps simmering the blueberry mixture for a little bit longer on the stovetop to allow it to thicken a bit more. I have some blackberries that will be ripe in a couple of weeks so am looking forward to making this again with them! 


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They look great!  We just finished picking blueberries, so I’ll have to give these a try!

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I can imagine how delicious those are.  Lemon drizzle would really be good on them.  Oh and lemon zest in the dough too.


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A neighbor just gave me a pint she picked this morning. I have lemon curd I made in the freezer… perfect on one of these. Beautiful bake

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Not only that, these must take amazing.  Nicely done 👏👏

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Mini Oven

Big & Beautiful!  

My blackberries are just finishing up. All frozen as I only get a handful at a time. Wash 'em, drain and freeze 'em adding to a bag in the freezer.  Good idea with the rolls!  This year I managed to keep the slugs out off the bushes by dusting the lower leaves and ground with dried used coffee grounds.  Worked like a charm.

 Not a coffee drinker? Take a plastic container with lid to your nearest coffee shop and nicely ask for old grounds. 

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You have inspired me, I have a dough fermenting now for my iteration of these rolls.  Thanks for the inspiration.