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Cream cheese & rhubarb milk bread buns

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Cream cheese & rhubarb milk bread buns

I recently took out Mooncakes and Milkbread by Kristina Cho from my local library, and I've been baking a number of the wonderful recipes from it. When I saw these gorgeous rhubarb and cream cheese buns using milk bread dough, I was super keen to make them asap given the time of year and all the nice rhubarb floating around the farmers market in Squamish, BC, where I live. 

In this recipe you follow Kristina's basic milk bread recipe until after the rise, and then cut the dough into twelve pieces, form, top with a cream cheese and lemon mixture, and then put rhubarb on top. Egg wash before baking. I added black sesame seeds on a few of the buns as an experiment and it was tasty! You could taste a little bit of the sesame oil on the buns, but not as much as when baking sesame seeds at a higher temp (350 degrees for this recipe). 

When I was topping them, I thought it was a bit crowded to add the three pieces of rhubarb the recipe called for, so I just did three for the first one, and then started added two. However the cream cheese spread enough that I think three pieces is definitely the best bet. I am looking forward to making these again and think peaches or strawberries would be nice to swap with the rhubarb. 



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