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Nutella Babka

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Nutella Babka

I made this Nutella Babka last week and it was so good. I used a recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction, which you can view here. I didn’t have any whole milk, so used cashew milk in its place, which worked fine. I really like braided and twisted bread recipes, and while this one gets a little bit messy as the filling spills out, it’s pretty simple. The butter, sugar, and cinnamon topping is SO good; don’t skip it. 

I think I may of rolled the dough out too much, which meant I had a twisted dough that was a bit long for my sandwich loaf pans. Next time I will roll it out a bit less and take more care in pinching the ends together (you can see the end of one of my loaves is kind of misshapen). Overall it was super tasty, and I brought a half loaf on a long hike in the mountains and it was a very good morale booster!

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And some of your Nutella Babka would do me just fine. Nice braiding with well defined swirls of Nutella. Very nicely done. 

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Looks great!