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Massari's Cresci - errata?

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Massari's Cresci - errata?

Panettone making is going very well.... Finally!

My lievito madre seems to have been cared for carefully enough, and long enough, to produce excellent results. Now I want to try some other recipes and approaches.

Looking at my copy of Cresci, by Iginio Massari, the recipe for chocolate panettone appears to have a glaring omission: in the first impasto, there are no egg yolks, yet there is a reference in the instructions to adding the yolks. 

There is a notation saying that doughs with no yolks would rise more quickly (I already knew this but), which adds to the uncertainty. 

I cannot find an online source for the errata sheet, but I found a reference to a copy which has one. 

So, does anyone own this book and the erra sheet? I have heard here and elsewhere that Cresci has many omissions and errors. This was an expensive book, and I want to bake from it and learn from it. 

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It looks like there's a facebook group dedicated to collecting the errata you need.


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Wow!  Wow!!  Thank you so much!!!  

I spend so much time on Facebook, but somehow never found this!! I bet they will have the info. 

I am very grateful!!!!!!! --Sue