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Beef dry salami for pizza

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Beef dry salami for pizza

Inspired by The Roadside Pie King's gourmet pizza,
I decided to try out some upscale salami.

Because I usually pre-cook regular pepperoni and sausage to reduce the puddle of grease on my pizzas, I opted to go with a low-fat beef "dry salami."

This Alef brand beef dry salami was obtained at my local Russian/Eastern-European store.  I paid about $17/pound for about 1 pound.

This is "Evreyskaya" salami, made by

There are several online sellers, including Amazon.

I haven't made pizza with it yet. I hope I have some left over after I'm done "taste testing" it.  I have also sliced and diced it and included in stews and stir fry.

It does taste good, IMO.

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I’m sure this is going to be killer on a pizza.  Look forward to seeing your pie soon!

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Looks delicious, I’ve never tried nor heard of such a thing before.  I guess I’ve been living under a rock.


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The taste is good. So far, I have tried it plain/cold, in a soup/stew, and microwaved.

The dense outer layer gets too dense when microwaved, but the inner portion softens up nicely.

The only drawback - there is enough sinew in it so that bits get stuck between my teeth.

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As with microwaving, baking the slices on a pizza makes the outer layer too tough/dense.

The inner portion is great.  

I guess I'll trim off the outer layer and use it to flavor soups and stews.

(The darker/denser outer layer is clearly visible in the above photo.)

Pizza bake here: