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Fry pan pizza

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Dave Cee

Fry pan pizza

I started using carbon steel fry pan(s) about a year ago in place of wifey's triple-clad stainless steel pans. I'm hooked. So a natural outgrowth of this was pizza "baked" in a carbon steel pan. During my first experiment I must have been channeling Enrico Fermi because I also tried a new-to-me method: I first baked the bottom of the crust in the pan on the stove top burner and then finished baking the top of the pizza under the broiler. Sorry no pictures but it did turn out good. Might be a solution to the problem of too-dark bottom crust and under-done top. Or maybe a solution in search of a problem...

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I have tried many different pizza pans in the last couple of years and the best I found was steel pans, those super thin proliferated trays. I have had many beautiful shinny aluminum and stainless trays and pans which I tossed them all into the trash recycle bin. I also have had a couple of very nice pizza cast iron pans which I also threw them away.