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Biblical bread, Passover, feeding 5000, Last Supper.

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Biblical bread, Passover, feeding 5000, Last Supper.

This being the season of religiously connected bread (hot cross buns, Colomba/Pascua bread)... 

Interesting video on 6,000 years of bread history by Eric Pallant:

40+ minutes long.  Goes back to Egyptians, Romans, etc.

At time mark 17:55,  it goes into bread in the Bible, with interesting parallels that I hadn't thought of before.

Here's the same link with a time-mark to go to the Bible connection:

The Bible snippet does seem a little bit misinterpreted because Passover bread (the Last Supper was a Passover meal) is unleavened, not sourdough.  But, whatever...


And... links to Colomba Pasquale bread:


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Thanks for the link. That was an interesting lecture and I too hadn't thought about the religious parallels with sourdough. There was a documentary from Michael Pollan called Cooked on Netflix. All 4 episodes were good but the 3rd episode "air" was all about bread and was super interesting if you like this kind of thing. 

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Thank you for sharing this.  Bookmarked for future viewing.