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need help with muffins please!

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need help with muffins please!

Basically what I need help with is the ratios regarding muffins/quick breads.  I've done research and based upon what I've found the most commonly used ratio for muffins/quick breads is 2:2:1:1 which basically means 2 parts flour to 2 parts liquid to 1 part fat to 1 part eggs.

The two questions I have in regards to this is....

What would the ratios be for quick breads/muffins like pumpkin bread and banana bread? The addition of pumpkin (if making pumpkin bread) or mashed banana (if making banana bread) both will add additional moisture, which means you'd have to adjust the above mentioned ratio because of that.  My question is what would the ratio be for these varieties of quick breads/muffins.


My other question is just regarding the measurements for the proportions for the formula for a basic quick bread/muffin that I listed above.  I'm basically wondering what 2:2:1:1 translates to in cups, as I'm very bad with math as well as ratios and have absolutely no idea what the 2:2:1:1 translates to with cups, that's why I'm asking.  Can someone please help regarding this?

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The answer to your second question is relatively easy, 2:2:1:1 in cups is

1 cup of sifted flour measured by spoon and sweep method 125g

1/2cup liquid 125g

1/4cup fat 60g

1 extra large egg 60g

Your first question has no answer. There is no formula that describes a typical banana bread. Various banana breads of the same size may have from one to six bananas in them, for example. They may or may not have eggs, some have fat, others don't, etc.

I have never made pumpkin bread but I regularly make several different banana breads and their recipes are as different as night and day, because they make different styles of banana breads: some are light and fluffy, like cupcakes, others are dense and substantial, more like fudge, like brownies, yet my favorite one has nothing but 3 bananas and one cup of flour in it, similar to Irish soda bread, no eggs, no fat, no "liquids" nor dairy and it's the best tasting banana bread ever (the secret is in what to do with the bananas before adding them to the flour).

So I simply seek recipe(s) for the banana breads that I like to eat and just stick to them. 


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what is the secret to the bananas?  thanks!  Candy

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Candy, the secret to the bananas is the technique developed by the team of Cook's Illustrated magazine. They wanted to improve their banana bread recipe by adding six bananas to the mix, but that made the bread too gummy and heavy.

They solved the problem by microwaving whole bananas, draining their juice and reducing juice on the stove.

 microwaved bananas draining

 drained banana juice

 boiled and thickened banana juice

This banana syrup and banana flesh were then added to the rest of the ingredients resulting in banana bread with the most exquisite and intense banana flavor.

We added banana flavor without introducing too much moisture to our banana bread recipe by microwaving the fruit and draining it. We then simmered the banana liquid in a saucepan until it reduced and incorporated it into the batter. Source: Ultimate banana bread

I used the same trick when improving dr. Mirkin's banana bread which is a plain soda bread made with flour and mashed bananas. It was also too moist and gummy, but with "banana marmelade" in it becaming a delicacy.

 Banana flesh and reduced banana syrup blended together look like banana jam. The whole thing takes literally one minute to prepare.