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My doughnuts keep being pale with air pockets or too fluffly

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My doughnuts keep being pale with air pockets or too fluffly

Hi all.

No matter what I do I keep having pale crust and some with big air pockets that when grabbing the donuts after frying they could break apart.

I read many guides on internet saying that it could be that is over proofed. I change to high protein flour, and more milk than water. Before proofing I knead very well to take out the gas but when Im going to cut the rings it appears more little bubbles on the dough. . Apart form the air pockets, the ones that don't have it are too airy and fluffy, which is good, but when I grab them with the glaze on it, the glaze could break apart, because they are too fluffly.

I use 58% liquid being 100% the flour. Plus I use a bit of mash potato for flavour.

I would like to have a more firm and brown donut without air pockets.

Would you know what is the problem?


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Mini Oven

dipping, pouring over, temp of glaze?  

Perhaps the recipe is for sugar dusted donuts? They are known for their delicate character, many are filled and snow flurried with x-tra fine powdered sugar.  

Does the flour contain malt?  Malt helps with browning.