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Peter Reinhart's NY Deli Rye

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Peter Reinhart's NY Deli Rye

Peter Reinhart's NY Deli Rye! I have been baking this for years, but in the past always as a free standing loaf. For the first time I baked it off in a loaf pan and LOVE the result!

I did have to increase the bake time somewhat. My old GE electric oven blew the oven burner on Boxing Day and the part is no longer available. Sooo, I had to buy a new oven a high end GE Profile series. I LOVE it! Since buying this in early January, I have baked my best loves ever! the oven does make a difference. It is a beauty and cooks beautifully. The induction burners come up to temp almost immediately and it boils water for pasta faster than any stove I have used before.

Happy baking folks!



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Bread and beautiful oven. Congrats on both.  Nice to see a post from your.  Hope you are doing well.



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I am doing well and have avoided the virus. With the beauty of a new stove, I smile every time I walk in the ktchen.

Best regards, Ski

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Your loaf looks great.  I’ve always thought that an induction oven is the best for cooking.  So it really does work well does it?  


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Only the cook top on the stove is induction. The oven itself is normal radiant or convection heating.

Happy baking, Ski