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Honey butter icecream toasted Kugelhopf

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Honey butter icecream toasted Kugelhopf

What can you do with brioche breads? Transform them into amazing desserts.

Last month I shared a bostock (brioche with an orange zest frangipane)

This month I share a dessert my wife remembered enjoying many times in her younger days with her sister in Japan. It's simple but the process transforms the brioche into something completely different. She had no name for this. If anyone does, let me know.



  • generous slices of brioche (especially good with fruit in it - I used my kugelhopf)
  • dollop of ice cream (I used Kawartha, which uses real cream and sugar)
  • salted butter (I used Emma grassfed butter imported from New Zealand)
  • honey (I used real honey packaged by Bee Maid cooperative)


  1. spread butter generously on one side of brioche
  2. toast brioche in oven (400f) until browned
  3. plate the brioche
  4. scoop ice cream onto the brioche
  5. drizzle honey across brioche / ice cream
  6. serve and enjoy with a fork


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Wonderful! My sugars just went through the roof looking at the picture :)


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Yeah, I hear ya. It's just a wee dollop of ice cream and the real honey has a nice edge to the flavour. I'm usually sensitive but for some reason this didn't bother me at all.

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That looks fabulous.  We did something similar with panettone (not home made) where we toasted it, put a dollop of home made blueberry compote/jam and then whipped cream which was infused with sherry.  It was also very delicious.  

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Homemade blueberry.... nice. I made some last Winter when I went on a crazy jam making kick. That sounds great.

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I make wonderful lemon curd and freeze it in 1/2 pint jars. It’s an incredible recipe because it has more zest and less butter and it keeps forever in the freezer…. Well unless you indulge like we do. Toast the bread or cake and top with a scoop of frozen lemon curd. The cold and hot , tart and sweet is heavenly. 

Your treat looks amazing!!! Never heard of that ice cream but sure would love to taste it. c

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That sounds really good. I made lemon curd a couple years ago and it really knocked my socks off. You're right... that would probably be amazing on this.