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Kramb - baker's percentage calculator

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Kramb - baker's percentage calculator

Hello everyone!

First of all - happy new year :)
To make this year' baking a bit easier, I've spend last weeks of 2021 making this simple baking calculator.
What differentiates it from other calculators, is the fact that it counts the total hydration including also leaven, eggs weight and yolks weight, if you'd wish :)
The need to manually calculate content of water in starter and eggs was always pissing me off when making a new recipe, so here it is - something that will make it a breeze! Of course it calculates from grams to percent and backwards, based on flour weight :)

As far as I've tested, everything works fine, but if you'd find some issues or maybe want me to implement a new feature, let me know and I'll see what I can do about it :)

Here's the website:

Let me know what you think.
Have a wonderful evening!

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If you're interested in development, consider a few ideas:

- develop a series of use cases (a use case is a person with a goal who needs to go through steps to achieve that goal... use cases help you understand your intended audience and what they want to achieve. This is important because developers often make a lot of assumptions and focus on features rather than workflows of users)

- test use cases against your design to help you see how well your tool simplifies workflow for desired results

- expand your testing to sample users to determine the usability of your interface when users try to put it into practice to achieve goals given their expectations for software and interfaces

If you're happy putting just something out there and seeing what comes of it, then of course best wishes.

I've done some of this work and it can be amazingly eye-opening.

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I always use a spreadsheet to calculate ingredient weights.  But I start with a target total flour weight and then enter percentages for all my ingredients.  So I know what percentages of wheat to rye to gluten I want to use, for example.  They just have to add up to 100 for the flour.  LIkewise, for the salt, I know I'll use 1.5%.  Of course, you can change the percentages for salt, hydration, starter, etc.  The final figure is the total loaf weight, so I get an idea of how large the loaf will be for a given amount of flour.  

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Hello again :)

I just wanted to say that I've completely redesigned this app to make it more responsive and easier to use, so you can try and let me know what you think -

If you'll notice any issues or bugs, please let me know :)