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Reinhart's coming book: Pizza Quest.

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Reinhart's coming book: Pizza Quest.

Peter Reinhart, who touts this website in his books, has a new pizza cookbook that will be available March 22, 2022,  Pizza Quest.

 Pizza Quest, by Peter Reinhart

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Gotta respect Reinhart & I sure learned lots from Whole Grain Breads, but I'm a little unsettled by that cover image.


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You can see the whole Table of Contents at the "Look Inside" feature. They appear to all be others' recipes, or at least "inspired by."

Therefore, in my opinion, it doesn't look like it will be a beginner's book, or have as much theory or tech info as, say, The Pizza Bible by Gemignani, or Elements of Pizza by Forkish.

Some of Reinhart's books, especially Bread Revolution, are stories that document his journeys of discovery.  Some people like that style, whereas I'm more of a Joe Friday "Just the facts, ma'am" kind of guy.

If the Kindle edition, or a good used copy, is ever on sale at under 5 smackers, I'll get it.

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He's got an initial section with a half dozen master recipes for dough etc,. and some general discussion so it's not just a compilation of other people's recipes.  If it's like his other works it should work fine for beginners.  Plus the recipes show a lot of range!  I love technical books too, but Reinhart combines technical competence with an eye for interesting recipes one might not otherwise try.

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I have most of his books and look forward to this new one.  His American Pie is an excellent book and worth getting as well.

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American Pie is like a diamond-in-the-rough. 

Available used, good condition, on Amazon, for around $10, incl shipping: