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Bread on a deserted island

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Bread on a deserted island

Which one, of the breads you make, would you take with you to a deserted island? 


Only one (1) choice please.

My selection: Rustic Bread. FromBread- A Baker's Book of Techniques and Recipes - Jeffrey Hamelman p.107-108”


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Thinking about this from a different angle i'm going to have to go with a bread that goes well with fish. After all it is a desert island and that might be all there is to eat. Providing i'm able to catch some. Still a difficult choice but Broa de Milho would be a good contender.

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Hamelman’s Five-Grain Levain.
Super tasty and loaded with nutrition.

Jeffrey is da’ man…


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I have decided that the best bread as a routine is a 100 % whole wheat sourdough baked as a miche.  It has a nice wheat - bread flavor, without being too sour.  It is a pleasant bread to eat, it keeps well, it is easy to make, and it has more nutrients than any bread made with (any) white flour or any bread using yeast or baking powder as its primary leaving agent.  ( e.g., Sourdough produces vitamin B-12.)  Sourdough miche are out of style just now, but were the staff of life.  And, Poilane of Paris made his reputation as the best baker on the quality of his sourdough miche. 

I cannot wait to get to a deserted island, I bake them routinely now.