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Your favorite rye bread recipe for reubens

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Your favorite rye bread recipe for reubens

I was asked to make a rye bread that would go well with reubens.  I’ve only made one rye bread, so I thought I’d ask the community for some direction.  I know this is probably an “ask a 100 people get 100 answers” type question, but here goes.

What’s your favorite rye bread recipe for making reubens (or other grilled sandwiches)?  


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My favorite rye bread recipe for Reubens is from George Greenstein's book "Secrets of a Jewish Baker".  The recipe is "Sour Rye Bread" a New York Jewish rye bread.

Or go to TFL home page, look under Most Book Marked, find Dmsmyder Recipe Index, in Dnsynder Recipe Index,  you will find the recipe for Jewish Sour with instructions. Mr. Snyder is very knowledgeable about baking bread.


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Thanks Vic.  I'll take a look!

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Mini Oven

with a good shot of banged up caraway seed.  :)  

Or a sourkraut bread with 60% rye.  

I've been on a squashed squash kick lately adding 100g cooked as part of the liquids.  Adds softness to the crumb and makes a great natural dough enhancer, throw in 1% active malt to speed up the yeastie beasties.

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I have a bunch of cooked buttercup squash in my freezer and have been thinking of doing just that.

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Thanks Mini!  Will have to see if I can get my hands on this book.  Picked up some caraway seeds tonight.

Kristi and I were talking about using sauerkraut not too long ago.  I do have some in the refrigerator that finished fermenting a couple weeks ago, but not sure I want to bake that for a friend until I have a chance to test it myself.  I am intrigued though and will eventually get to it.  :-)

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To go a completely different direction, I have no doubt that isand66's cider rye -- -- would contribute to a superior reuben.

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Thanks!  Will take a look at this one too.

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This is the rye bread I will master this winter.  I don't know the provenence of the photo, but it inspires me.  The recipe I'm starting with is from the CB NY Deli Rye challenge.

Ultimately, I want to create what I term my "Rural Reuben Sandwich," using this bread as the foundation and everything either sourced from my (future) garden, or from neighboring farms (IE, raw milk to culture the cheese, and beef brisket to cure into corned beef).


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Eric’s rye, which was part of the Rye CB done late last year is a great rye bread for sandwiches and I think would be great for a Reuben.  Now that I think of it though, I’m not sure what style of rye bread is classic for a Reuben.  I’ve posted my bake of Eric’s rye here.

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Thank you Benny for linking your post and the shaping video was perfect!  Like the idea of using the wine bottles too.  Both your loaves looked great and appreciate the detailed method.