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Bread matching

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Bread matching

Some foods are great made with a variety of breads - different but all good. Some foods really call for a specific type of bread. Cracked Dungeness crab just is wrong IMO without San Francisco Sourdough. You probably have your own biases. Well, another of mine is that Cabbage Borscht is "right" only with a dark rye bread.



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Inspirational topic, David. We love white baguettes (overnight poolish) with French fish stew with white wine. Another everyday luxury is Vermont sourdough (10% rye or wheat), butter topped with a poached egg. Finally, 75% spelt coated in pate accompanied by a glass of cabernet (after 5pm of course).



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Sourdough baguettes go with so many dishes that there are too many to list.  However, I recently paired my miso sourdough with a Thai red curry shrimp that was delicious.


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Ilya Flyamer

You forgot sour cream in your borscht! Otherwise, that's a classic combo in Russia, very nicely done.

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I posted my butternut squash soup the other day with the t65 bread I made. Always something good to put with bread ! Bread elevates every meal . Beautiful Borscht. I've never made it but certainly will now that I've seen yours. I get gorgeous beets here and we eat them all the time. Good to see a post from you. c