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Couple of German books.

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Couple of German books.

I asked about it in another thread but I think it more properly  belongs here.  Just a query:

-Brotland Deutschland series.  Seems impossible to find.  Anyone know where these might be (esp. the first in the series)?


-- Schwarz Brot Gold: Deutschlands einzigartige Brotkultur, by Braatz and Swoboda.  Any thoughts?




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Ilya Flyamer

I don't know if they deliver outside Europe/UK? Looks like a good deal:


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Thanks Ilya - I should clarify, sorry.  I can get the Schwartz Brot Gold book here, pretty reasonably.  Just saw some comments on that give me a bit of pause.  Wondering if others have it and what their impressions are.

It's the Brotland Deutschland books that seem seriously difficult to find.

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Hi Paul,

I do not have an ider where to buy that book. But I can recommended another Bread-Forum.

For German Schwarzbrot follow this link.

Side is in English too.

Best regards


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That's wonderful, thanks very much Stephan.  


-and Woodstock is the coolest dude.