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Mixer for small commercial bagel operation

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Mixer for small commercial bagel operation

Hi everyone,

I have a home bakery in the USA that has grown into a commercial kitchen. The goal is to be a full-service bagel shop one day. Thinking of upscaling my equipment.

Current mixer: Famag IM-10S, which I bought after reading discussion on this website. I love this machine and PHG are a wonderful company to deal with.

Right now I mix 6.3kg-7kg (14lb-15lb) of dough at 57-60% hydration at a time. This is 70% of the mixer's stated capacity. Each batch makes 50-60 bagels, which I hand-roll with one other person. I do 5 batches per Saturday. 

I want to make 2x to 4x as many bagels in the same period of time. So I think I need a bigger mixer - and preferably one that would still be useful if and when I get my own shop.

What mixer would you recommend? My max spend is ~$5k but I would love to be under that.

My current idea is the Famag IM-40. Is this too much mixer for my needs?

Thanks everyone