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Fermentation Room Vs Walking Space

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Fermentation Room Vs Walking Space

I am setting up a new bakery and I am trying to calculate the ferm room space vs walk in space?
this is an impossibly hard question to answer as I do not know about the production schedule or number of people that I am going to hire initally and if I want to have night shifts. So Retarter is important but so does a fermentation room specially for laminated and enriched doughs. Sourdough bread, i can easly controll buy moving it by the decks and stuff but croissants are a different ball game

I can not really guess how much retarting I am going to do and how much I am going to ferment and bake the same day. 

Would you have the same size of walk-ins as fermentation room or would you have bigger fermentation room than walk-in or other way around 

I am going to produce laminated stuff as bread. 

PS: Fermentation room is an actuall room with humidity and temp control and not proofer/retarder closet. 

Right now I can put int 12 fullsheet racks in each. Quesition is basically should I make 16-8 instead of 12-12 in each room. 

12-12 rack in reach just seams better in terms of flexability. 



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Welcome to TFL.  Have you visited the BBGA site?  Although the majority of the members there are professional bakers, there are many who are in the SHB (Serious Home Baker) category, including me.  I always read the blog postings, and the questions often relate to the operation of a commercial bakery (including starting and setting up a bakery).

My response here is not to suggest that you will get poor advice on this site but rather to offer another resource.  Good luck with your venture.

Happy baking.