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Vegan choux

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Vegan choux

Anyone have a clear idea of what is the specific function does the eggs do in choux?  I want to recreate choux using vegan ingredients. I know there are "okay" recipe out there and I have tried them out. But it didn't come close the original. 

In order for me to recreate the recipe I can't just simply replaced with vegan egg brand. I need to know the function of them egg and build from there. 

Anyone have an idea?

Thank you

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I found these:

and this:

"The reason eggs are added are various. First of all, it adds extra moisture to the mixture and makes it more flexible. It needs flexibility to expand. Second of all, the proteins will form a sturdy structure when heated, this will support the airy shape of the profiteroles. Third, eggs contain fat and prevent the puff from becoming dry."

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  • Thank you so much
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Please update this post if you find a recipe that comes close to the original.  My sense is that it doesn't exist.  

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Have you tried using flax gel? 

In the link below is a detailed explanation of egg function and flax gel.

I use gel made from whole golden linseeds in my standard bun dough bun very successfully. Haven't tried choux tbh, but i hope the info is of interest to you. I'm certain I use 1:10 seed to water by weight to prepare it.

Always (!) cut your prepared gel into a separate weighing  cup and then pour it into your mix!!! 



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Might be too late, but I know about this one;